The fruit juice bar, a concept with the wind in its sails, is riding the “healthy food” boom, with shoppers preferring to concentrate on new and healthy items.

Will you like to open a bar selling fruit juice? Good news, in this article, you will find everything you need to know before you start, or you may contact juice bar business plan.

Perform a fruit juice bar’s consumer study

Before opening a fruit juice bar, you will need to carry out a market study to verify your project’s commercial validity and define the best strategy to put in place for your juice bar.

Thorough research of industry trends, a detailed analysis of your competitors, and a careful study of your potential clientele should be part of a fruit juice bar’s market research.

The fruit juice bar market


They are heavy consumers of fruit juice, and annual per capita consumption has increased from 3-4 liters at the start of the twentieth century to 22 liters today.

Thus, the fruit juice market represents 1.5 billion liters, making it the second-largest market in Europe.

Supermarkets are obviously in the majority in terms of delivery because fruit juices purchased outside the home constitute just 11 percent of the overall revenue. To ensure the retention of all vitamins, fruit juice bars’ idea is to deliver freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices in front of the customer.

Fruit juice bars are influenced by ideas initially developed to combat junk food. They include readily available, safe, and natural alternatives, without neglecting the pleasure.

Typology of the fruit juice bar market

In the fruit juice bar market, several franchises are present.

The pioneers are none other than and Juice, present for nearly six years in the world. Juice, a brand whose objective is to offer quick and quality meals, and Zummo, an Irish chain.

It is noted that there are also mobile juice bars, presented in the form of small, compact stands that can be easily and quickly installed anywhere. This is what, in particular, the labels bring.

Future trends of the fruit juice bar market in the world

One can note the emergence of cold-pressed juices, which means that the Juice is extracted slowly without ever heating it or exposing it to the air so that it retains all of its vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. A hydraulic press, and not a centrifuge or a blender, is required for this.

Certain elements of the regulation of bars of fruit juice

When you want to open a fruit juice bar, it is necessary to respect the same regulations as any commercial catering establishment: selling drinks and food for immediate consumption.

Therefore, any fruit juice bar must have at least one individual in its workforce who has received food hygiene training. When setting up, it is also necessary to register with the Departmental Directorate in charge of the Protection of Populations (DDCPP).

Concerning safety and hygiene, a multitude of standards must be respected: health standards (regulation 852/2004 of April 29, 2004, on food safety, a decree of December 21, 2009, on the conservation of perishable products), and safety standards for establishments open to the public (layout of premises, electrical installations, cooking appliances, etc.).

 It won’t be important to think about having a license for drinks. However, you will need a license to take it away.

Find a local for your fruit juice bar

After researching the demand for juice bars, you need to search for a nearby now.

The option of the venue would be key to your fruit juice bar’s performance. Take care to opt for an accessible and visible location located on a passing axis. It is advised that you place your eyes on properties near your goal clients: not far from, for example, a wellness center or a university campus.

You still have the luxury of bringing over a current one, a fruit juice bar: this will allow you to benefit from an already equipped room and an existing clientele.

The option of your fruit juice bar’s legal framework

Choosing a legal standing for your company is the next phase in opening a juice bar.

Choosing your juice bar’s legal status is an important step, which will influence many aspects of your business, including the corporate tax regime, your liability for debts. Of the organization and the social structure as a boss.

To make your choice in the best conditions, take the time to learn about the different legal statuses available to you by consulting our guide.

The human and material specifications are required to open a fruit juice bar

If you have identified your place and agreed on your juice bar’s legal framework, then it is time to look at the human and resource needs required for your business’s proper functioning.

You will first have to take care of your room’s layout and decoration, following the regulations in force. Investing in furniture and commercial kitchen appliances would also be necessary: pans, juicers, blenders, juicers, refrigerated pots, cup dispensers, etc.

Second step: recruiting staff, which is essential. Indeed, relative to your rivals, the hospitality of your servers will make all the difference.

Finally, opening up a fruit juice bar often means taking out premiums to control the cash flow and probably employing an accountant.


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